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Imagine an eco-sustainable market that respects the environment in which we live, improving the quality of everyday life that guarantees a green, flourishing and healthy future.
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Hemp is a plant that provides powerful weapons to counter the growing system that has led us today to a burdensome state of pollution.
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If you think and support since long time the properties and potential of hemp, we are on the same side, support us!

Our project

Our project is to facilitate the legal hemp market and the products derived from it.
This is how “FahrenHemp451” is born.
Inspired by the famous 1953 novel “Fahrenheit451” written by Ray Bradbury, also known as “The phoenix years”.

Products and producers

We promote products made of 100% hemp, providing new ways able to give space and visibility to all producers and retailers of products derived from hemp.
The “Fahrenhemp451” project also provides the latest technologies in the field of digitization:
Thanks to our dedicated marketplace, we make our contribution to the development of a market in revival, also committing to provide all the information requested in this matter, instruct, train and raise awareness about this topic.

Like books, protagonists in Bradbury’s dystopic novel of a cultural massacre, hemp, that has been part of human culture for more than 10,000 years, has undergone a strong disinformation campaign in recent decades.

Our goal

There are so many ways to use hemp, including ways that have yet to be discovered.

As much as we would like to change the world in a blink of an eye, our efforts, alone, are not enough. That is why we are asking for a small contribution from everyone, to do it better and together!
So we started our crowdfunding campaign:


The project is aimed to make the hemp market easier, from agriculture to the products that derive from it,
that was also what inspired our brand.
We thought of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the initiative of the hemp-aimed marketplace and all the products derived from it, but to make it we need a lot of funds, of which we only have in part. We have chosen crowfunding as a support formula, to embrace those who started this battle before us and create a channel to inform, bring those who do not know yet the full potential behind a “miraculous” plant such as hemp.
We rely on crowdfunding to receive even the most humble support.
Giving visibility to our intention to facilitate the certified sellers and providing them with all the information needed to counteract the misinformation of the last decades on the theme of cannabis, we want to help this little known but expanding sector to develop.
Supporting us, you will contribute to promote new dedicated tools, the information and the development of a sector that is doing and can do much more. For everyone, in an environmental and economic sustainability.
For the well-being of every person and the planet itself.


Why the FahrenHemp451 trademark?

In our project, in order to create a legal hemp-aimed marketplace, especially about our campaign, we have taken into account the products, of producers and retailers and many others were interested and united in the cause, wondering how they could contribute to help us. We have decided so to return something equally concrete to those who support our cause, creating “FahrenHemp451” shop.

Inspired by the famous 1953 novel “Fahrenheit451” written by Ray Bradbury, also known as “The phoenix years”.
(Like books, protagonists in Bradbury’s dystopic novel of a cultural massacre, hemp, has undergone a strong disinformation campaign in recent decades.)

“Fahrenhemp451” is not just a project for a marketplace, but it has also become a symbolic brand of what we want to achieve.

In this context, we also promote products made of 100% hemp, as tools, gadget, knitwear, accessories, backpacks and many other products, giving our contribution in the first place, and with them, thank those who intend to support us in the pledge during the crowdfunding campaign.


Durable every day clothes!
Many are the benefits of Hemp clothing, has so many advantages that it can be considered a clothing to wear every day!

So durable that it can also be used as workwear. Usually, fabrics are damaged and worn out often. This alternative is incredibly lasting and amazingly effective.

Hemp does not require pesticides to grow. In fact, it doesn’t need any chemical to develop.
The natural growth of the plant competes with other plants and dominates their ability to sustain themselves.
This allows hemp to grow freely and very quickly, producing around 200/250% more fiber in the same area of land, compared to cotton for example.

The hemp’s oil has antiparasitic properties, therefore is a natural repellent, and sometimes is planted alternately with other plants to remove pests.

 Where hemp is planted it release nitrogen into the soil, which is enriched, making possible to cultivate for several years. Hemp is also an effective photosynthetic converter of carbon dioxide in oxygen.

Hemp fiber is the most resistant among natural fibers, therefore hemp cloths are very durable.
You can safely use cloths every day, wash, rinse them and they will not ruin or lose their shape.
For this reason, in the past, it was even used for ropes, sails and curtains ….
Today, however, its resistance is used in the production of jeans and shoes.

Hemp possesses anti-bacterial properties that exceed any other natural fiber.
It is not subject to get assaulted by mites, molds, fungi and moths.
Cloths are free of any chemical substances. Even those with sensitive skin can safely wear it.
It also absorbs odors, it is sufficient to hang clothes in the air, and they will regenerate by finding tone and softness.

Hemp items possess the characteristic of maintaining body temperature.
That is why they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter so you can use them in both seasons.
The hollow hemp fiber in fact, is able to absorb body moisture and keep it dry giving you a sense of comfort.


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  • For a cleaner world which respects the environment.

  • To revive a market that allows everyone to live in a better way.

  • To inform, explore, learn. There are so many ways for using hemp, including ways that have yet to be discovered.



HEMP: the plant that can revolutionize the world.

Hemp is good for the environment simply by growing, simply thanks to its ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, 4 times as much compared to trees. Hemp also does not produce any waste that is polluting or difficult to dispose, and does not cause ecological damage, while at the same time improves the environment in which it is grown. Indeed, it represents a model of sustainable development that involves the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction of local and global pollution, until the establishment of a true sustainable economy on a global and lasting scale.


HEMP: go back to the origins to guarantee the future.

The hemp, simply being cultivated, activates a phytobonification process, which leads to an increase in soil fertility and contributes to the improvement of the soil as a natural herbicide.


HEMP: from oil to flour.

Hemp seeds are the most nutritious seeds.
It has a protein content of 20/25%, and contains all nine essential amino acids. Contains omega-6 linoleic acids and omega-3 alfalinoleic acid, which are essential fatty acids. In addition, there are vitamins, phytosterols, carotenes and minerals.
From the cold pressing of the seeds it is possible to obtain an oil for food and cosmetic use. This oil is considered a natural antibiotic and it has all the qualities of a protective food: if used daily, it helps for example to strengthen the immune system and to lower cholesterol levels.


HEMP: the revolution.

Hemp plant has been demonized in the last century, simply referred to as a drug, but it is actually a wonderful plant. It can really feed the planet and help us to live in harmony with nature.

To give you an idea, here is a summary of the main uses:


Imagine a platform where you can find everything you need to know about the industrial sativa hemp and have access to products and receive them directly to your house.
Done? Good.
This is FahrenHemp451 !

FahrenHemp 451

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